Navigation Drawer

Navigation Drawer

Material provides some basic styles for a set of components that are normally used in a navigation drawer such as headings and navs.
Add .navdrawer-right to the navigation drawer to make it stick to the right hand side of the screen.


Persistent Drawer

A persistent drawer sits on the same surface elevation as the content so it does not generate a backdrop. Need to add data-type="persistent" and .navdrawer-persistent alongwith .navdrawer.

Temporary Drawer

A temporary drawer does not generate a backdrop so it can remain open while you perform other actions on the page. Need to add data-type="temporary" and .navdrawer-temporary alongwith .navdrawer.

Permanent Drawer

Permanent Drawer

A permanent navigation drawer is always visible at the same elevation as the content. Need to add data-type="permanent" and .navdrawer-permanent alongwith .navdrawer.

Clipped Permanent Drawer

A permanent navigation drawer has a few variations of its own, too. It can be clipped under the top navigation bar (.navbar). Need to add .navdrawer-permanent-clipped alongwith .navdrawer .navdrawer-permanent.

Float Permanent Drawer

For pages that require less hierarchy, a floating permanent drawer may be the best fit.
A floating permanent drawer can also work with other components, such as .card. Need to add .navdrawer-permanent-float alongwith .navdrawer .navdrawer-permanent.

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