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#1 Selling & Most Popular
Material Design Admin Template of All Time


Pre-defined layout options to suit any taste

Materialize VueJS Laravel Admin Template offers Layout options for building next-generation web applications,
that follow the latest trends in web design and user experience.

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Vertical Layout
Bordered Layout
Semi Dark Layout
Dark Layout
Horizontal Layout
Horizontal Dark Layout
11 Years of experience

A formidable offering from a renowned Power Elite Author.

11 Years

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Vuejs Framework Integrations and Features

With best-in-class UI frameworks for respective technologies, you can
build your dream app with long-term support and regular updates.

Vue 3 - Progressive JS Framework

An approachable, performant, and versatile framework for building web user interfaces.

Vite - Tool to quickly start a template

Get ready for a development environment that can finally catch up with you. It’s Insanely superfast.

Laravel 11 - PHP Framework For Web Artisans

Laravel is a PHP web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax.

vuetify logo
Vuetify 3 - Popular Vue.js framework

Most popular and feature-rich VueJS UI framework will help you develop faster than ever.

TypeScript - Strict syntactical superset

TypeScript extends JavaScript & improves the developer experience by adding type safety.

Vue Router - Deeply Integrates

The official router for Vue.js. It deeply integrates with Vue. js core to make building SPA with Vue.js a breeze.

Tooling & DX - Enhanced Developer Experience

The template comes with preconfigured tooling & VSCode support to get you started quickly.

Iconify Icons - Freedom to choose icons

Easy to avoid vendor lock-in. Use open-source icon sets with a large choice of icon components.

VueUse - Collection of Utilities

Collection of essential Vue Composition Utilities to build your vue app quickly.

Vue I18n- Allows for formatting

In addition to simple translation, support localization such as pluralization, number, datetime, etc.

JWT & ACL - User-based authentication

With JWT authorization, you get a user-based authentication. Once the user is authenticated.

Starter Kit - A kit with the basic items

Setup your project quickly without having to remove unnecessary features and start your project rapidly.

Stunning Applications

Materialize VueJS Laravel Admin Template additionally provides 10 different applications
which enables you to get started and build your applications faster.

Email App
Chat App
Calendar App
Kanban App
Roles & Permission App
Invoice App


Documentation provides a basic understanding of how our Materialize VueJS Laravel Admin Template works and how you can tweak it, so we highly recommend you first read our guide and then start working on your project using our template.

Useful Pages

Materialize Admin provides 30+ pages. It contains all the commonly used pages to
develop any applications which will ease the developer’s efforts.

Create Deal
User Profile
Account settings
Billing & Plans

Front Pages that Propel Your Launch

Materialize VueJS Laravel Admin template provides 15+ front pages, including a dedicated landing page and other most
commonly used pages, saving you time and effort in launching your app.

12 Reasons why you should buy Materialize?

The most developer friendly & highly customizable
Vuejs Laravel Admin Dashboard Template of 2024!

Framework Focused
Reliable framework offers production-ready components
Best Framework
Materialize uses the best framework for each technology, ensuring a reliable solution
Customize with Ease
Customisable layout and design to suit specific needs
Feature rich components
Flexible and powerful components with easy customisability
TypeScript & Javascript Support
Materialize supports both TypeScript and JavaScript
Build with Confidence
Rigorously tested, high quality code for reliable and performant app development
Jumpstart Your Project
Use our starter-kit as a solid foundation for your next project
Experience Great Value
Great value for money with a low price point and a wide range of features
Detailed Documentation
Clear, concise documentation with FAQs, articles, and code examples

Get the Support You Need

Get excellent support from the template creators for any questions or issues

Regular updates

Regularly updated template with the latest technologies and features

Flexible and Scalable

Can easily handle large and complex projects

Advanced Cards

Materialize VueJS Laravel Admin Template provides 60+ Basic & Advanced Cards for
eCommerce Analytics, CRM, Statistics, and Interactive Charts.

Real Customers Reviews

See what our customers have to say about their experience with our products.

Github Repository Access

As a developer, there is nothing better than getting GitHub Repo access. Get all the latest changes, new features, and bug fixes without waiting for the next release on the platform. Raise a join request by filling up the repository access form by clicking the following button.

This isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning.

Materialize is an investment that saves you thousands of dollars.
With each new update, it becomes more valuable.

Regular License

Use by you or one client, in a single end product for which end users are not charged. 

USD $39

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Extended License

Use by you or your one client in a single end product for which end users can be charged.

USD $799
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Custom License

Do you need a custom license for your business model? Contact us so we can discuss this.

Frequently asked questions

Got a question? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, please Get in touch.
Yes, just purchase template and the downloadable package contains all the frameworks/technologies mentioned.
Not at all. Once you purchase a license, you’ll receive all future releases for free.

Yes, you need to have a separate license for each end-products/website/client. 

Regular license can be used for a single end-product that do not charge end users for access or service (access is free and there will be no monthly subscription fee). Such end product can be used by you or your client. 

Purchase separate regular license for each end-product/client. The same rule applies if you want to use the same end product on multiple domains(unique setup).

Extended license can be used for a single end-product (web service or SAAS) that charges the end users/sold to end users for access or service (e.g: monthly subscription fee, Marketplace (CodeCanyon) products). Such end products can be used by you or your client.

Purchase separate extended license for each end-product/client. The same rule applies if you want to use the same end product on multiple domains(unique setup).

If you are charging your customer for using your SASS based application you must buy an Extended License for each end product. If not then Regular License is enough.

Regular and Extended licenses are based on products. This means that each license corresponds to a single end product. In other words, you can only use one license per product, and each product should have its own license.

If you plan to develop multiple applications and wish to avoid the requirement of purchasing separate licenses for each project or customer, we encourage you to contact us. We might have a solution for you!

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