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πŸ“’ Important Announcements

Important Announcement

Hi All, πŸ‘‹

Thanks for purchasing our templates and being our valued customer. πŸ˜‡

Based on the development community and ease of use for our customers, we have finally migrated from GitLab to GitHub. πŸŽ‰

πŸ™‹ How did this decision impact me?

β€ŒIt may be possible that you have currently cloned/forked our stale GitLab repo. You need to fill out this access form to get GitHub repo access and clone the repo.
β€ŒWe have disabled forking our GitHub repo.

πŸ“’  Announcements

  • We have migrated all repos from GitLab to GitHub.
  • Each Framework / Technology will have its own repo. (e.g.: Vuexy HTML & Vuexy HTML+ Laravel will be in separate repos)
  • Only users with active support can have access to our GitHub repos.
  • Repo access will be revoked on support expiry.
  • Forking our GitHub repo is disabled

πŸ”’ Why forking is disabled?

You will lose repository access when your support expires. If you have forked the repo and you lose access to our repo then your fork also got deleted by GitHub.

Hence, as precautions, we disabled forking our repo.


However, you can still keep your repo even after your support expires by setting our repo as upstream:

  1. Create a new private repo in your GitHub. Make sure it’s a private repo. You can’t share our code publically as per license.
  2. Clone our repo: git clone $product_repo_url
  3. Navigate to the cloned directory
  4. Remove our repo as origin by running the command: git remote remove origin
  5. Add your newly created repo as origin by running command: git remote add origin YOUR_NEWLY_CREATE_REPO_GIT_URL
  6. Add our repo as upstream by running the command: git remote add upstream $product_repo_url
  7. Push the code to GitHub by running the command: git push -u origin main

Now, whenever you want to pull the latest changes from our repo just pull the changes by running the command: git pull upstream main

Happy Coding

Cheers πŸ₯‚

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