List Group

Simple ListGroup

The most basic list group is simply an unordered list with list items, and the proper classes. Build upon it with the options that follow, or your own CSS as needed.

  • Cras justo odio
  • Dapibus ac facilisis in
  • Morbi leo risus
  • Porta ac consectetur ac

Disabled items

Add .disabled to a .list-group-item to gray it out to appear disabled.

With Badges


Add bagdes to any list group item to show unread counts, activity, etc.

  • 5 Cras justo odio
  • 2 Dapibus ac facilisis in
  • 1 Morbi leo risus

Anchors and buttons

Use anchors or buttons to create actionable list group items with hover, disabled, and active states by adding .list-group-item-action. This separate class contains a few overrides to add compatibility for <a>s and <button>s, as well as the hover and focus states.

Be sure to not use the standard .btn classes here.


Custom ListGroups