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GitHub repositories are dynamic hubs of software development, but sometimes you might find yourself needing an older version of a template.

Thankfully, the process of accessing previous versions is straightforward. Therefore, in this post, we’re going to show you a step-by-step guide to help you download the specific version you need.

Step 1: Access the Form

Start by heading over to the Access Form. This form is your gateway to the GitHub repository.

Step 2: Fill Out the Form

Once on the form, carefully fill out the details according to the reference image provided. It’s crucial to pay special attention to your GitHub username; accuracy here ensures a seamless process.

Step 3: Submit the Form

After completing the form with your purchase information, submit it. This step initiates the process of granting you access to the repository.

Step 4: Accept the Invitation

Shortly after submission, you’ll receive an invitation email on your linked GitHub account. It’s important to accept this invitation before it expires to proceed further.

Step 5: Navigate to the Releases Page

Once you’ve accepted the invitation and gained access to the repository, navigate to the ‘Releases’ page. You can find this option in the repository menu.

Step 6: Choose Your Desired Version

On the ‘Releases’ page, you’ll find a list of different versions. Identify and select the specific release you need, and voilà! You can now download the older version of the template you were looking for.

By following these simple steps, you can easily download the exact version you require from a GitHub repository. It’s a hassle-free process that ensures you get the right tools for your projects, no matter the version.

Happy coding! 🥳

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