# Layout Types

There are two layout types:

# 1. Blank Layout

This is useful if you want to create pages without any other content like Authentication page where you don't need navbar, navigation menu, footer, etc.

Basically this is blank page and you will create everything from scratch.

Template Example:

# How to enable blank layout for specific route?

To create route with blank layout use route meta layout and set value to 'full'.


    path: '/pages/authentication/login',
    name: 'auth-login',
    component: () => import('@/views/pages/authentication/Login.vue'),
    meta: {
      layout: 'full',
      redirectIfLoggedIn: true,

Now write your content in your SFC and it will get rendered in blank layout.


In template source code, blank layout is referred as full layout. We will update the term in upcoming major release.

# 2. Layout w/ Layout Components

This default layout for every route. With this layout you will get below layout components:

  1. Navigation Menu
  2. Navbar
  3. Footer

All of above layout components are configurable. You can customize this layout components using themeConfig to get your desired layout.

Last Updated: 2/26/2021, 3:12:23 PM