# Theme Configurations

Change template to fit your needs. To configure template we will use themeConfig.js file, which have all template configurations listed with their valid values.

# Using themeConfig.js

In themeConfig.js file you will find three constants

  1. $themeColors: Bootstrap Colors in JS. Will get updated in App.vue. Don't touch 😅
  2. $themeBreakpoints: Bootstrap breakpoints. Will get updated in App.vue. Don't touch 😅
  3. $themeConfig: This is the file where you can update template behavior.

$themeConfig object options and it's valid values are already listed there. Hence, it is self explanatory. Just changed configuration as your requirement and you are done.

# Change template colors

To update template colors just update bootstrap color variables in src/assets/scss/variables/_variables.scss

$primary: #00cfe8; // Changing primary color
Last Updated: 1/6/2021, 3:04:57 PM