# Routing

In this page you will find how to add new routes and how we handled existing routes.

# Overview

You can find our template's router configuration in src/router/index.js. src/router/routes folder contains all routes of our template.

You can follow our pattern or use src/router/index.js to write your routes, it's completely up to you.

There's nothing special in src/router/index.js file, just ignore router.beforeEach for now we will explore it in ACL section. Still if there's something which is new to you, make sure you read vue-router docs.

# Route Meta

Our routes just isn't simple routes. Their meta is also required to render proper page. Let's find out each of them:

  • pageTitle: This meta is used by breadcrumb to render Page Title. You will find this meta used in every route which have breadcrumb.
  • breadcrumb: This is for rendering breadcrumb. Value of this meta is same as value of items prop of BootstrapVue's breadcrumb (opens new window) component. There will always be home at the start of breadcrumb so don't mention it in meta value.
  • navActiveLink: Navigation link to active in navigation menu. This shall match to any of navigation menu item's route. Useful if you have dynamic param and want to only set single item for it in navigation menu. e.g. Our Email & ToDo App.
  • resource: CASL's subject value for route protection. You can read more about it in Access Control page.
  • action: CASL's action value for route protection. You can read more about it in Access Control page.

Below two route meta is only for apps mentioned in content render page.

  • contentRenderer: Which content render to use.
  • contentClass: Meta to add class to .content wrapper. You won't use unless you use our four apps mentioned in content render docs.

# Route Protection (ACL)

You will learn how to add route protection for particular route in Access Control page.

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