# Timeline

You can use our custom timeline components app-timeline & app-timeline-item to render timeline.

# Basic Timeline

Use props provided by app-timeline-item component to render basic timeline.

You can check demo in "Basic" card on this (opens new window) page.

# With Icon

You can use icon prop of app-timeline-item to render any feather icon instead of dots.

You can check demo in "With Icon" card on this (opens new window) page.

# Custom Content

You can also render custom data inside Timeline using default slot of app-timeline-item.

You can check demo in "Custom Content" card on this (opens new window) page.

# App Timeline Item API

# Props

Name Description Type Parameters Default
variant Bootstrap color variant for dot/item string Bootstrap Color primary
title Timeline item title string
subtitle Timeline item subtitle string
time time to show on right string
icon feather icon name string/object valid feather icon name
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