# FeatherIcon

You can use our custom feather icon component to render dynamically render any feather icon.

# Basic

You can render feather icons using icon prop of feather-icon component.

<feather-icon class="mr-1" icon="InfoIcon" />
<feather-icon class="mr-1" icon="HomeIcon" />
<feather-icon class="mr-1" icon="UserIcon" />
<feather-icon class="mr-1" icon="TwitterIcon" />



# Change Size

To change the size of icon you can use size prop. You can pass number in size prop as string.

<feather-icon class="mr-1" icon="TwitterIcon" size="20" />
<feather-icon class="mr-1" icon="TwitterIcon" size="25" />
<feather-icon class="mr-1" icon="TwitterIcon" size="30" />
<feather-icon class="mr-1" icon="TwitterIcon" size="35" />



# Changing Color

You can use Bootstrap's color classes to change color of SVG icon.

<feather-icon class="text-primary mr-1" icon="TwitterIcon" />
<feather-icon class="text-success mr-1" icon="TwitterIcon" />
<feather-icon class="text-warning mr-1" icon="TwitterIcon" />
<feather-icon class="text-danger mr-1" icon="TwitterIcon" />



# With Badge

badge prop will allow you to pass content as badge to any icon. Default background color of badge is "primary". You can change background color of badge using badge-classes prop.

<feather-icon badge="3" badge-classes="bg-primary" class="mr-1" icon="MessageSquareIcon" />
<feather-icon badge="5" badge-classes="bg-success" class="mr-1" icon="InstagramIcon" />
<feather-icon badge="2" badge-classes="bg-warning" class="mr-1" icon="AlertCircleIcon" />
<feather-icon badge="1" badge-classes="bg-danger" class="mr-1" icon="BellIcon" />

You can check demo in navbar on this (opens new window) page.

# Component API

# Props

Name Description Type Parameters Default
icon feather icon name string/object valid feather icon name -
size size of icon string integer 14
badge badge content string/object/number - null
badgeClasses classes for badge string/object/array - badge-primary
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