JavaScript Folder Structure

Vuexy admin manages all JS files in src/js/ folder. Gulp task gulp dist-js clean js folder from app-assets/, copy js files from src folder and minify them.

├── src/
|   ├── js/
|   |   ├── core/
|   |   |   ├── app-menu.js
|   |   |   └── app.js
|   |   ├── scripts/


Following is the details of what all js folders.

Folder Details
core Folder contains core libraries and core JS files of vuexy admin template i.e app.js file for common app related JS and app-menu.js file for menu JS.
scripts Folder contains all js files that are used to initialize plugins.

window.colors = {
solid: {
  primary: '#7367F0',
  secondary: '#82868b',
  success: '#28C76F',
  info: '#00cfe8',
  warning: '#FF9F43',
  danger: '#EA5455',
  dark: '#4b4b4b',
  black: '#000',
  white: '#fff',
  body: '#f8f8f8'
light: {
  primary: '#7367F01a',
  secondary: '#82868b1a',
  success: '#28C76F1a',
  info: '#00cfe81a',
  warning: '#FF9F431a',
  danger: '#EA54551a',
  dark: '#4b4b4b1a'


JS files structure for assets/ folder.

Write your custom JS inside assets/js/scripts.js file.

├── assets/
|   ├── js/
|   |   ├── scripts.js


You can add your new JS files or folder in assets/ folder to avoid any future conflicts or merge.