# Template Styles

This section will help you to understand the template styles and how to customize/override them.

# Core styles

@core/scss folder contains the template's core styles. In this folder you will:

  • base/ Folder contains the template's base style except for any framework (In this case - Angular). e.g. Bootstrap components' styles, template layout styles, etc. Import base/ folder scss (i.e base/pages/page-pricing.scss) in page/component and extend or override it.
  • angular/ Folder contains styles for Angular version-specific styles which isn't part of base styles. e.g. Some Angular extension styles, Ng bootstrap extends Angular specific page styles, etc.
  • core.scss This file will get included in styles.scss file. This file imports base/, required plugins, and angular/ styles. Consider it as the main file for template styles.


All SCSS files starting with _[underscore] (SCSS partials) are already imported in template styles so there's no need to import it. Other SCSS Files are meant to get imported only if they are required.


It is not recommended to change any scss file inside the @core/ folder, to customize the template variable and style read the below section Style Customization.

# Style Customization

Easily customize the template variables and styles to change the look and feel of the template as per the branding/requirement.

Under the src/assets/scss folder you can use

  • style.scssfile to write/override your own styles. This file is imported in src/style.scss which is the main entry point style of the template.
  • variables/_variables.scss: Use this file to override bootstrap variables using this file. (i.e change $primary color)
  • variables/_variables-components.scss: Use this file to override component variables. (i.e change $base-font-size)
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