# App Config

Customize the template easily with the help of app-config.ts file.

# Usage

Customize your application with the help of app-config.ts. It has app and layout objects.

  • app object properties define the application name, title, and logo as shown in the below code.
  • layout object properties define the skin, layout type, menu, navbar, footer, and other misc options.

app-config.ts options and their valid values are already listed here. As it is self-explanatory. Just changed configuration as your requirement and you are done.


Use the template customizer in our live demo to check the config options before defining app config options.


If the enableLocalStorage option is true then make sure you clear the browser local storage (opens new window). Otherwise, it will not take the below config changes and use stored config from local storage.

// prettier-ignore
export const coreConfig: CoreConfig = {
  app: {
    appName     : 'Vuexy',                                        // App Name
    appTitle    : 'Vuexy - Angular 11+ Bootstrap Admin Template', // App Title
    appLogoImage: 'assets/images/logo/logo.svg',                  // App Logo
    appLanguage : 'en',                                           // App Default Language (en, fr, de, pt etc..)
  layout: {
    skin  : 'default',                        // default, dark, bordered, semi-dark
    type  : 'vertical',                       // vertical, horizontal
    animation : 'fadeIn',                     // fadeInLeft, zoomIn , fadeIn, none
    menu : {
      hidden               : false,           // Boolean: true, false
      collapsed            : false,           // Boolean: true, false
    // ? For horizontal menu, navbar type will work for navMenu type
    navbar: {
      hidden               : false,           // Boolean: true, false
      type                 : 'floating-nav',  // navbar-static-top, fixed-top, floating-nav, d-none
      background           : 'navbar-light',  // navbar-light. navbar-dark
      customBackgroundColor: true,            // Boolean: true, false
      backgroundColor      : ''               // BS color i.e bg-primary, bg-success
    footer: {
      hidden               : false,           // Boolean: true, false
      type                 : 'footer-static', // footer-static, footer-sticky, d-none
      background           : 'footer-light',  // footer-light. footer-dark
      customBackgroundColor: false,           // Boolean: true, false
      backgroundColor      : ''               // BS color i.e bg-primary, bg-success
    enableLocalStorage: true,
    customizer  : true,                       // Boolean: true, false (Enable theme customizer)
    scrollTop   : true,                       // Boolean: true, false (Enable scroll to top button)
    buyNow      : false                       // Boolean: true, false (Set false in real project, For demo purpose only)

# Page specific cutomization

app-config.ts config options customize the template globally(In the whole application). If you want to override/customize per page/component you can also achieve it. To set the collapsed menu (opens new window) on the specific page, first of all, you need to import CoreConfigService

import { CoreConfigService } from '@core/services/config.service'

And create the CoreConfigService constructor and set up the config options.

 * Constructor
 * @param {CoreConfigService} _coreConfigService
constructor(private _coreConfigService: CoreConfigService) {
  this._unsubscribeAll = new Subject();

  // Configure the layout
  this._coreConfigService.config = {
    layout: {
      menu: {
        collapsed: true
      customizer: true,
      enableLocalStorage: false
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