# Core Touchspin

To use core-touchspin component, import CoreTouchspinModule to the respective NgModule.

# Requirements

import { CoreTouchspinModule } from '@core/components/core-touchspin/core-touchspin.module';
declarations: [
imports: [
providers: []

# Usage

Example :

<core-touchspin [numberValue]="50" (onChange)="countChange($event)"></core-touchspin>

Get value on change

   * On touchspin count change
  countChange(value) {
    // this.dateValue = value;

# Core Touchspin (Default)



# Component

Name Selector Description
CoreTouchspinComponent core-touchspin Create basic touchspin component by using <core-touchspin> selector element. Default is 0.

# Property

Name Type Description
numberValue number To show the initial default value.
onChange number To get the value.
iconChevron boolean To use chevron icons. Default icons are + & -.
disable boolean To disable touchspin. Default is false
size string To make size small or large use 'sm' or 'lg'. Default is medium.
color string To change the background color of buttons. Use [color]="'colorName'"
stepValue number To set incremental & decremental steps. Eg. set [stepValue]="5" to increment or decrement by 5 step.
maxValue number To set max value for touchspin input number.
minValue number To set min value for touchspin input number.

You can check the demo on this (opens new window) page.

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