# Core Card

To use core-card component import CoreCardModule to the respective NgModule.

# Requirements

import { CoreCardModule } from '@core/components/core-card/core-card.module';
declarations: [
imports: [
providers: []


We have an Event-Emitter named (events) that emits the action name when it triggers. This will help developer to trigger a custom event/function/method.

# Usage

Example :

  [actions]="['collapse', 'expand', 'reload', 'close']"
  <div class="core-card-title">Title</div>
  <div class="core-card-body">Body</div>

# Collapsible

You can create a collapsible content by by adding [actions]="['collapse']" along with <core-card><core-card> component.

<core-card [actions]="['collapse']">
  <div class="core-card-title">Collapsible</div>
  <div class="core-card-body">Body</div>

# Refresh Content

To create a card with refresh action use [actions]="['reload']" along with <core-card><core-card> component.


core-card have props named [reloadTime] & [isReload]. Here prop reloadTime sets the time in milliseconds to load the loading screen. And isReload is used to manually trigger the loading screen.


It is recommonded to use any one of the prop at once.

isReload prop's priority is higher then reloadTime. Example: If you used both the props simultaneously then isReload will be preferred first then reloadTime.

<core-card [actions]="['reload']">
  <div class="core-card-title">Refresh Content</div>
  <div class="core-card-body">Body</div>

# Remove Card

You can create a closeable card by using [actions]="['close']" along with <core-card><core-card> component.

<core-card [actions]="['close']">
  <div class="core-card-title">Remove Card</div>
  <div class="core-card-body"> Body

# Expand Card

You can maximize the card by using [actions]="['expand']" along with <core-card><core-card> component.

<core-card [actions]="['expand']">
  <div class="core-card-title">Expand Card</div>
  <div class="core-card-body">Body</div>


Component Selector Property Description
CoreCardComponent core-card actions Type: String[] Refresh / Remove / Expand action card by passing ['collapse' | 'expand' | 'reload' | 'close'] to actions input property.
CoreCardComponent core-card events Type: EventEmitter Emits event-name that is triggered. Example : If you clicked on collapse action then it will emit event with name "collapse" in $event. Syntax : (events)="emittedEvents($event)"
CoreCardComponent core-card reloadTime Type: Number Time in milliseconds to appear the loading screen (for refresh event). Default : 2500ms (for refresh action).
CoreCardComponent core-card isReload Type: Boolean To manually trigger the loading screen. If true loading screen will appear & if false loading screen will disappear. Default : false (for refresh action). .
Property Class Description
Title .core-card-title To add Title to the core-card component.
Body .core-card-body To add Body to the core-card component.

You can check the demo on this (opens new window) page.

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