Token Sale Counter

Token Sale Counter

FlipClock.js is used for counter.

FlipClock.js requires a few files to work properly. The minified source contains all the clock faces for maximum portability.

Loading the Scripts :

        <link rel="stylesheet" href="/vendors/flipclock/flipclock.css">
        <script src="/vendors/flipclock/flipclock.min.js"></script>

Use below HTML to add FlipClock counter after adding JS and CSS

                    <div class="clock-counter">
            <div class="clock"></div>
            <div class="message"></div>

To change counter time and message, you need to update theme.js file's FlipClock Counter section. You can get theme.js file from here :

                        ├── src/
                        |   ├── js/
                        |   |   ├── theme.js

Javascript code of FlipClock js is here :

var clock;
clock = $('.clock').FlipClock({
    clockFace: 'DailyCounter',
    autoStart: false,
    callbacks: {
        stop: function() {
            $('.message').html('The clock has stopped!')

You can find more attributes about FlipClock JS here