Sales Notification

Sales Notification

bootstrap-notify.js is used to show sales notification.

This is a simple plugin that turns standard Bootstrap alerts into "Notify-like" notifications. You can find js included in vendor.min.js

Loading the Scripts :

                    <script src="/vendors/vendors.min.js"></script>

Add this code in js file :

                    var time = "2 minutes ago";
            // OPTIONS
            icon: 'ICON',
            title: 'TITLE',
            message: 'MESSAGE WITH TOKENS'
            // SETTINGS
            type: 'minimalist',
            placement: {
                from: "bottom",
                align: "left"
            delay: 8000,
            animate: {
                enter: 'animated fadeInLeftBig',
                exit: 'animated fadeOutLeftBig'
            icon_type: 'image',
            template: '<div data-notify="container" class="alert alert-{0}" role="alert">' +
                '<button type="button" aria-hidden="true" class="close" data-notify="dismiss">×</button>' +
                '<div id="image">' +
                '<img data-notify="icon" class="rounded-circle float-left">' +
                '</div><div id="text">' +
                '<span data-notify="title">{1}</span>' +
                '<span data-notify="message">{2}</span>' +
                '<span data-notify="time">'+time+'</span>' +

You can set time out according to your requirements. Find more attributes about Bootstrap notify here

To remove Sales notification

Please remove notification code/file from src/js/sales-notification.js file.