Kick Start Your Project Development!

Getting started with your project with custom requirements using a ready template is quite difficult and time taking process, Apex Admin provides useful features to kick start your project development with no efforts!

  • Apex Admin provides you getting start pages with different layouts, use the layout as per your custom requirements and just change the branding, menu & content.
  • It uses template engine to generate pages and whole template quickly using node js. You can generate entire template with your selected custom layout, branding & menu. Save your time for doing the common changes for each page (i.e menu, branding and footer) by generating template.
  • Every components in Apex Admin are decoupled, it means use only components you actually need! Remove unnecessary and extra code easily just by excluding the path to specific SCSS, JS file.

What is Starter Kit?

Starter kit is a set of pages with different layouts, useful for your next project to start development process from scratch with no time.

  • Each layout includes basic components only.
  • Select your choice of layout from starter kit, customize it with optional changes like colors and branding, add required dependency only.
  • Using template engine to generate whole template quickly with your selected layout and other custom changes.