A card is a flexible and extensible content container. It includes options for headers and footers, a wide variety of content, contextual background colors, and powerful display options. Cards require a small amount of markup and classes to provide you with as much control as possible. These classes and markup are flexible though and can typically be remixed and extended with ease.

Note! For same height cards in a row, add .match-height class to .row class.

If your card doesn't have any flush content like images, feel free to put the .card-body class inside the .card element to consolidate your markup.

HTML Markup
<div class="card">
    <div class="card-header">
        <h4 class="card-title">Special title treatment</h4>
    <div class="card-content">
        <div class="card-body">
            <p class="card-text">With supporting text below as a natural lead-in to additional content.</p>
            <a href="#" class="btn btn-primary">Go somewhere</a>
    <div class="card-footer">
        <span class="text-muted">Apex</span>
Content Types

Bootstrap card supports a wide varieties of content including images, text, list groups, links, and much more. Mix and match multiple content types to create the card you need.

Some card options with class name and details are as follows:

Card Options Class Description
Card image on top .card-img-top Use mentioned class inside wrapper of .card to get image on top of the card.
Card Title .card-title Card titles are used by adding this class to a <h*> tag.
Card Subtitle .card-subtitle Subtitles are used by adding a .card-subtitle to a <h*> tag. If the .card-title and the .card-subtitle items are placed in a .card-body item, the card title and subtitle are aligned nicely.
Card Header .card-header To add header to the card.
Card Footer .card-footer To add footer to the card.
Groups .card-group Wrap cards inside mentioned class to render cards as a single, attached element with equal width and height columns.
Decks .card-deck Card require wrapping elements: .card-deck. We use table styles for the sizing and the gutters on .card-deck.
Columns .card-columns Cards can be organized into Masonry-like columns with just CSS by wrapping them in .card-columns. Cards are ordered from top to bottom and left to right when wrapped in .card-columns.
Image overlays .card-img-overlay Turn an image into a card background and overlay your card’s text. Depending on the image, you may or may not need additional styles or utilities.

Refer following links for detailed documentation, configuration options, methods and examples: