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    Portfolio Project Work

    5 hours ago

    Nullam facilisis fermentum aliquam. Suspendisse ornare dolor vitae libero hendrerit auctor lacinia a ligula. Curabitur elit tellus, porta ut orci sed, fermentum bibendum nisi.

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    Website Traffic


    • Direct Visits 33.94%
    • Refferals Websites 28.72%
    • Social Networks 25.28%
    • Organic Search 12.06%
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    Office Photography

    Sweet halvah dragée jelly-o halvah carrot cake oat cake. Donut jujubes jelly chocolate cake.

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    Top notch work

    December Acquired ‘A’ rating for fair trade compliance (fair trade commission)

    October Received ‘Telecommunications / IT Sector’ CRM

    May Commendation from Minister of Information and Communication

    03 Established a local subsidiary

  • 2016
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  • Sofia Orav

    18 June, 2016 at 4.50 P.M
  • 2015
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    July 1, 2015

    Candy canes tiramisu tootsie roll candy toffee icing. Sugar plum candy canes sweet roll chocolate bar. Caramels donut bonbon. Pudding sweet roll gingerbread.

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